P r e f a c e
One of the many goals of the redesign was to not only reflect the newly designed brand, but considering our location, we wanted to utilize our website as a HUB of events and ways of involvement which would make it easier for potential attendees and members alike to get involved. Furthermore, we aimed to address the individuals who do not have social media or access to it—namely the elders, by providing a more familiar way of connecting with the church.
After conducting several interviews with regular church members and the organization's executive committee, we found that the general need of the user is to access three different buckets of information with relative ease: events, involvement,  and social. 
Our chief design goals were to increase overall attendance as well as involvement within the community. As mentioned before, due to the limited amount of interaction with social media at the conception of this project, we wanted to create a much easier way for members to connect.
A b o v e   t h e   F o l d
This section above the fold would serve to highlight the featured event. It showcases the latest event Praise Church is hosting, consequentially bringing more awareness and attendance to the event.
The event page is a section within the website that is accessible through a host of different call outs and buttons. Upon clicking an event, the user will find themselves on a page with the most pertinent information readily available. After creating vector sketches of what the interface would look like, we were ready for high fidelity designs.
U s e r   R e s e a r c h
Understanding our demographic made us aware of how accessible we needed the website to be. As a part of the church staff, we were charged with taking attendance on a weekly basis. We used this data to determine who the regulars and "occasionals" were. 
We concluded that the church's active members comprised predominantly of elders 60 years and older and with this metric, we're able to adjust the design to cater to individuals within this demographic while considering the needs of those who fall outside of it.

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