In the Fall of 2022, Marcus & Millichap introduced a complete brand identity that maintains the company's extensive legacy while simultaneously aiming to enhance its customers' experience with a contemporary and user-friendly design.
To accommodate various platforms, Marcus & Millichap's new brand identity required reformatting. As the real estate company recognized the significance of its digital presence, it sought to make its logo adaptable to different environments while preserving its character and personality. This necessitated the incorporation of numerous form factors.
Maintaining a consistent typographical portfolio proved challenging for Marcus & Millichap, given the dispersion of its offices across North America. With numerous designers working on multiple files, the company faced difficulties in ensuring uniformity in its collateral. To address this issue, the initiative aimed to centralize the brand's typographic and iconographic resources.
The initiative also involved the incorporation of kinetic typography and design into the brand. Although Marcus & Millichap possessed a robust range of designs, adding movement and interaction was the logical next step to enhance the brand's appeal.
To deliver a seamless experience across all customer touchpoints, the company updated its existing print and digital marketing collateral.

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